We are delighted to welcome for the third time in the Shanghai Hiroshi y Kyoko Yamao, the first foreign couple in history to win World Tango Salon Championship - Mundial Del Tango.

Hiroshi y Kyoko are well known to Shanghai Tango Community, every year their classes are more and more popular in the amount of local milongueras y milongueros. They have been living over a year in BsAs, Argentina, and studding with a best milongueros from the golden age of tango, so their dancing is same as an Guardia Vieja (old generation of dancers). 

This year Hiroshi y Kyoto will have 10 workshops only in Shanghai, but they will also have time to be present on one of our guided practicas, and perform on Grand Milonga on March 19th.

Don't miss your chance and register for their workshop now.