Sergiy and Ping (Tango)

Sergiy and Ping started working together in 2010, when they founded theTangoGo Dance School in   Shanghai. Today, they not only teach in Shanghai, but regularly are invited     abroad to to perform workshops and tango classes. Sergiy and Ping have a strong desire to learn. Every year they invite internationally recognized tango masters and world champions to give classes at the TangoGo studios. In addition, they make the long track to Buenos Aires, Argentina to take classes with their tango masters: Sebastian Archival y Roxana Suarez,   Daniel Nacucchio y Cristina Sosa, and Sebastian Jimenez y Maria Ines Bogado. Sergiy and Ping's style of dancing is Tango Salon, the most      elegant form of Argentine Tango. In  each tango lesson, students are able to absorb the knowledge and passion from these two great teachers. Their tango skills have gained admiration from many places around the world, resulting in them being invited to tango festivals such as  "Milonguero Nights" Moscow, "Singapore International Tango Festival" Singapore, "Sydney Salon Tango Festival" Australia, "Tango Rio" Russia, "Seoul tango Festival" Korea, and "La Baldosa Milonga" Buenos Aires, Argentina. June 2015 Sergiy y Ping won China Tango Salon Championship and will present China at world Championship in Buenos Aires.

     Sergiy与余平于2010年开始一同共事在上海共同创办了TangoGo舞蹈学校如今他们不仅在上海教学也常常被邀请赴国外授课Sergiy与余平非常渴望学习每年他们会邀请荣获世界桂冠且国际认可的探戈大师来TangoGo舞蹈学校进行授课此外他们也曾赴阿根廷布宜诺斯艾利斯参加各位大师的课程Sebastian Archival y Roxana Suarez, Daniel Nacucchio y Cristina SosaSebastian Jimenez y Maria Ines Bogado. Sergiy与余平的舞蹈风格为沙龙探戈阿根廷探戈中最优雅的在每次探戈课程中学生都会从中两位老师那里获得知识并对探戈更为热爱 他们的探戈技巧已在世界很多地方获得赞许也因此其常常受邀参加如莫斯科“Milonguero之夜新加坡国际探戈节澳大利亚悉尼沙龙探戈节俄罗斯“Tango Rio”韩国首尔探戈接以及阿根廷布宜诺斯艾利斯的“La Baldosa Milonga”

Alejandro Hermida (Tango)

Alejando Hermida - Tango and milonga dancer and instructor. He started his professional instruction more then 10 years ago in his birthcity of Bahía Blanca, a town located about 700km to the south of Buenos Aires, the capitol city. After leaving Bahia Blanca, he continued his education in Buenos Aires, taking lessons with such tango greats as Jorge Díspari, Carlos Perez, Toto Faraldo, among others. In the year 2007, he became the champion of the Milonga category at the Metropolitan Championship, held every year in the city of Buenos Aires. As an instructor, he has worked in some of the most important schools in Buenos Aires, such as “Escuela Argentina de Tango”, “Tango escuela Carlos Copello” and “Estudio La Esquina”. His teaching skills also took him to travel abroad to countries such as Brazil, Chile, Equador, Italy, Denmark and Germany. As a dancer, he has been asked to perform in the most representative milongas in Buenos Aires, such as “Sunderland”, “Parakultural”, “La Baldosa”, “Fulgor de Villa Crespo” and “Club sin rumbo”. He has also performed in different stages in Buenos Aires and lastly he was a member of the dance group in “Esquina Homero Manzi”.

   Alejando Hermida – 探戈与milonga舞蹈与老师在其生源地城市Bahía Blanca专业执教超过10Bahía Blanca 距离首都布宜诺斯艾利斯700公里之后离开Bahía Blanca 继续在布宜诺斯艾利斯学习向诸如Jorge Díspari, Carlos Perez, Toto Faraldo等老师求教学习2007其获得了每年于布宜诺斯艾利斯举办的大都市竞标赛Milonga组的冠军作为一名老师他也在布宜诺斯艾利斯许多著名的学校执教比如“Escuela Argentina de Tango”, “Tango escuela Carlos Copello” and “Estudio La Esquina”他的教学技巧也使其在世界各地进行执教比如巴西智力厄瓜多尔意大利丹麦及德国作为一名舞者他受邀在布宜诺斯艾利斯许多著名的舞会中进行表演比如“Sunderland”, “Parakultural”, “La Baldosa”, “Fulgor de Villa Crespo” and “Club sin rumbo”同时他也在许多布宜诺斯艾利斯不同的舞台上进行演出他也是“Esquina Homero Manzi”舞团的一员